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This easy to clean flex-wing brush cutter is one of the most sturdy medium duty cutters on the market today. It comes with a smooth-top design at a great price and is perfect for mowing grass and weeds up to 3″ in diameter. With deck-rings included as standard equipment, the MD-180 is a great bargain.


Gearboxes – 540 RPM or 1,000 RPM Three spindle gearboxes, 120 HP, base mounted, 1:1.47 ratio. One divider box, 160 HP, base mounted. All gearboxes have malleable housings, forged alloy steel, carburized and hardened gears and shafts, tapered and ball bearings. 6 splined 1 3/8″ input shaft, 2 3/8″ output shaft on spindle boxes.


Drive Shafts – Shielded PTOs made from the finest quality propeller shaft materials and needle bearing universal joints. Category 6 80-degree constant velocity main drive shaft, Category 4 intermediate, and wing drive shafts.

Slip Clutch – Three heavy-duty clutches with spring type adjustment and two friction discs.

Blades – 1/2″ by 4″ material, alloy spring steel, airlift design. Free swinging when encountering obstructions. 8″ overlap for better
cutting. Blade tip speed: 15,500 FPM.

Wheels – Four solid rubber tires standard. Independent shock absorbing system for all-wheel axles. Cutting height adjustable from 2″ to 15″.

Dimensions – Cutting width: 15″. Cutting height: adjustable from 2″ to 15″. Overall width: 190″. Overall length: 189″. Cutting height for aircraft and implement tires: 2″ to 17″.

Transportation width: 88″

Weight – Without chains and tires: 3,700 lb.
With standard tires and single curtain chains: 4,340 lb.

Bush-Whacker Special Deck – The smooth, easy-to-clean top deck is made of 10 gauge steel.

Hydraulic Adjustments – Hydraulic lift cylinders control raising and lowering of a flexible wing (winch assembly for manual wing lift is optional). Wing may be raised to 88 degrees above horizontal and lowered to 22 degrees below the horizontal cutting plane.

Other Standard Features Include – Replaceable center and full-length wing skid shoes, transport locking bars for each wing, heavy-duty tongue assembly with dual leveling rods, hydraulic hose holder, park jack for easy hookup, and unhooking from the tractor. Swivel clevis to relieve stress on the tractor drawbar. Chain guards are an added option.

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